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Established in 2018, the Language Council’s mission is to strengthen pedagogical excellence in the teaching of languages and to raise the profile of Bucknell University’s existing language programs and departments. The Language Council seeks to promote awareness among all members of the Bucknell community of the transformative value of plurilingualism and cross-cultural knowledge, and to positively influence the culture surrounding languages at Bucknell.

The Council is made up of faculty representatives from each of the languages taught at Bucknell University: Arabic, Modern Hebrew, Chinese, Japanese, French, German, Ancient Greek, Italian, Latin, Russian, Spanish. There are also non-voting representatives from the Program in Linguistics, the College of Engineering, College of Management, the College of Arts and Sciences, the Office of Global Education, and a student representative of the Student Language Council. The Student Language Council, composed of student representatives from each language, hosts programs that capitalize on the diversity of the Bucknell community. 

The Language Council meets regularly to discuss issues pertaining to its mission and to plan and promote cultural events on campus, such as the annual Festival of International Shorts …

…. and the International Coffee Hour.